Saving Your Family’s Newborn Stem Cells with Stembanc is not only Affordable, It’s Priceless


The Stem Cells available at your Newborn’s birth have tremendous potential for

saving and improving the quality of life in your family.


Stem Cells from umbilical cord blood have been saving lives in families for more than thirty years, with over 70 different disease conditions treated and over 35,000 uses. Families who choose to save these cells with Stembanc at their newborn’s birth will inevitably have more medical options for treating life-threatening disease conditions in the future.


In addition, research advances using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from cord tissue are growing exponentially. More than 40,000 scientific publications reference MSCs, and over 800 clinical trials using them to potentially remedy a vast array of debilitating and life-threatening conditions are currently underway.


We now stand at the threshold of the exciting field of regenerative medicine where transplants of genetically unique newborn stem cells are restoring function to injured, diseased, and weakened tissues and organs for family members. Exciting progress is even being made toward treating previously difficult conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cerebral palsy, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, hearing loss, and paralysis.


Remember, there is just one brief moment in time when you can collect and preserve your family’s newborn stem cells with Stembanc – that’s at the moment of birth. Call Stembanc today to receive the stem cell collection kit your doctor will need at your child’s birth.



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